Foll-eau Me

Foll-eau Me tackles water and climate challenges in Berlin and Brandenburg by removing toxic blue algae from water and giving it a new life by turning it into usable materials.

New Dawn Silicone

New Dawn Silicone creates circular period products made of silicone, closing the material loop through a chemical recycling process and take-back scheme, which reduces waste, energy consumption and the demand for natural resources.

Wardrobe Affaire

Wardrobe Affaire have launched an MVP second-hand clothing platform that allows sellers to rent out their items while waiting for a buyer.


TrashCoin is creating a platform allowing users to collect and recycle plastic litter in return for incentives.

Hyve Local

Hyve Local is designing a digital platform that makes seasonal and local food consumption easier by providing simple, nutritional recipes to caterers.


3Dimensioni make furniture from recycled wood, metal and plastic, guaranteeing a long life for their products by offering 3D-printed replacement parts.

Grow With You

Grow With You is a subscription-based rental service for toys, with a mission to reinvent consumption patterns from childhood on.


Numcamp is a cloud-based software solution for climate and energy professionals, that supports building a carbon-neutral economy. Their solution can support companies in cutting emissions.

Circular Sweater Project

The Circular Sweater Project is developing the first fully circular sweater. Their completely biodegradable sweater can be produced on demand. It’s designed to meet the growing demand for truly ethical and sustainable clothing and accelerate circularity in the fashion industry.

Moving Light System

Moving Light System is an adaptive shading system that minimises energy use, preventing both overheating in hot weather and undercooling in cold conditions. The adaptive shading system aims to reduce buildings’ CO2 emissions by regulating temperature on the facade.